qu.ax Smol filehosting

qu.ax is a quick and easy to use file upload service.
Use the service to upload whatever you want; as long as it isn't against our simple rules.
Due to recent abuse coming from the TOR network, access from Exit-Nodes has been blocked. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Using ShareX? Use our .sxcu file to upload directly from your desktop!

Max upload size is 256MB. (Temporaily limited to 100MB)
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What makes qu.ax great?

There are many things that make our service great, we've list a few of them below.

What are the rules?

As with any file upload service, we've got to set some ground rules for what content can and can not be uploaded to our service. Below are some guidelines as to what we allow and do not allow.

How can we get in contact with you?

There's a bunch of ways that you can get in contact with me, here are some:

How much does this cost?

This costs me ~$50 a month to run, which realistically is not a lot at all for anyone that works full time.

I don't expect any donations, but if you would like to donate:
Bitcoin (BTC) Adress: Click/Copy me.
Also available Monero (XMR): Click/Copy me.

All donations towards this service are spent on maintaining and improving this service.

How can I upload to qu.ax without using the site?

Using the site can be a bit of a pain, thankfully you don't have to! There are numerous ways to use qu.ax, two of them are listed below.